EASY Prime for porcelain paving


A high bond primer for use on natural stone and porcelain paving
– Delivers a strong, long-lasting bond
– Easy to apply
– Suitable for interior and exterior use
– Easy to mix, use and clean away
– Can be mixed in the tub
– Contains 3 x 5kg bags for minimum waste
– 15kg tub
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EASYPrime is a polymer modified cementitious slurry primer. It is an easy to apply high strength bonding agent for use when laying natural stone and porcelain paving. Ensures full and permanent contact is achieved with the aggregated mortar in the bedding layer. Suitable for application in domestic, commercial and public areas.
Coverage depends on the coated film depth and the porosity and texture of the rigid bound sub-base. As a guide, a single 5kg sachet of EASYPrime will cover a minimum of approximately 8.0 sq.mtr.